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Water taps

Water taps

In addition to bathroom taps, we also offer kitchen sink taps that will facilitate work in the kitchen and, together with bathroom taps, will unify the aesthetic accent of your home. The benefits include a single brand, a single service provider and optimum quality available on the market.

Practical water tap design

The basic requirement of RAVAK water tap design is that it provides a benefit for everyday life, as well as durability and functionality of a product that will not lose its novelty and will continue to please as time passes. The design of our water taps was commissioned with the renowned studio Nosal Design. The designers of the studio applied their extensive experience in multi-award winning bathroom solution designs as deemed by juries of independent design competitions.

Quality of RAVAK water taps

Our water taps are made of high-quality brass, covered with a sufficiently thick chrome layer. Lever taps widely tested in practical applications offer pleasant and easy operation. RAVAK Water Tap Quality, and the quality of the ceramic cartridges with smooth and light run in particular, is guaranteed by testing for more than 700,000 movements. We provide a five-year warranty for our products. Virtually no scaling develops on the perlator, which consists of several plastic strainers. RAVAK water taps are harmless to health, certified by independent authorities and easy to install on the fittings.

Servicing and complaints

We manufacture our water taps from the best materials with the best technologies available. Despite that, our products may become damaged like any other. In such unsatisfactory situations our professional team is ready to assess warranty defects from the manufacturer's perspective and propose a solution for repairing the product within the shortest possible timeframe.

Simple installation

Installation of RAVAK water taps is very simple. Instructions for installation are attached to every package or available on our website ready for download.

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