Shower enclosures, seats

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Follow your intuition. Choose a shower enclosure you like and the quality of which you can rely on. We manufacture shower enclosures for you maximum pleasure and delight. Maximum variability and a wide range of RAVAK shower enclosure models help you meet all your needs.

RAVAK’s line of shower enclosures includes numerous sizes, shapes, opening styles, colours and panels. You can design your shower enclosure yourself using a wide range of accessories, from design-coordinated water taps to shower seats and different types of showerheads. Design the floor of your shower enclosure according to your wishes, either using a shower tray or impressive ceramic tiles with a high-quality stainless steel shower channel sunk into the floor.

All manufactured to an extremely high standard of quality from a Czech manufacturer with its own carefully controlled production. All shower enclosures and shower doors are covered by a 5-year warranty. Consumer goods (sealing strips, magnets and drip rails) are covered by the statutory warranty period.