Water taps

Puri black bath taps

You can choose a wall-mounted or three-element standing faucet from the Puri black bath faucet range, for installation on the edge of the bath or on the board behind the bath. The three-element faucet can regulate the water temperature perfectly and reliably takes care of comfortable switching between filling the bath and showering.
The wall-mounted bath tap is a unique innovation on the market! Its uniqueness lies in the groundbreaking design of the control system. The surface of the tap is not visually disturbed by the switch, which is hidden in its body.
The water temperature, as well as the way the tap is used (bath/shower), can be conveniently controlled simply by turning the lever sideways.
The bath tap without a visible switch represents a luxurious complement to every bath.
All Puri faucets in black are covered by our five-year warranty.