Water taps

Floor-mounted bath water taps

Design with freestanding bathtub

The tall and slim fittings with a slender arm create a symphony of beauty and utility with your solitary bathtub. The option of fitting the bathtub taps anywhere in the floor will give you absolute freedom in designing your bathroom to your tastes.

Floor-mounted bath water taps

Two types of design

Each of them is a perfect match for a particular design of a freestanding RAVAK bathtub, or any of the range of freestanding bathtubs of other brands available on the market. You can choose either curved shapes or a pragmatic sharper silhouette, depending on the overall style of your bathtub.

Floor-mounted bath water taps


Floor-mounted bathtub taps are supplied with a module (R-box) for fixing them to the supply pipework in the floor, which is included in the price. Thus the whole installation will be simple, clean and perfectly functional.

Floor-mounted bath water taps

Guaranteed longevity

A ceramic cartridge and five-year warranty go without saying with floor-mounted RAVAK taps.