Whole bathroom solution

Rosa II concept

A smart design for any bathroom

Looking for something practical in your bathroom that will last a long time makes the most of the bathroom space? Then opt for the Rosa II concept, which is based on an asymmetrical bathtub. The Rosa II concept is one of the most popular and also most imitated designs on the market – choose the original, choose the Rosa II concept from RAVAK.


Recommended components of the Rosa II concept

Rosa Concept

Perfectly sophisticated

All products from the Rosa concept have been developed on the basis of detailed knowledge of the specific requirements of our clients. The individual components of the concept are unified by design and function, thus allowing you to maximise every corner of your bathroom space.

Rosa Concept

Design for all sizes

The Rosa concept includes three bathtub models, which differ primarily in size, but also in design, from the smallest Rosa 95 at only 95 cm wide, to the comfortable Rosa II, which is 170 cm long and 105 cm wide. Every bathtub is provided with a precisely shaped bathtub screen and a series of other related bathroom products.

Rosa Concept

A diverse selection

The Rosa concept does not begin and end with the asymmetrical bathtub. On the contrary, it represents a comprehensive and sophisticated concept that has been refined down to the finest detail. You can also choose the screen, one of various washbasins, bathroom furniture and mixer taps.