Whole bathroom solution

Evolution concept

A contrast of strength and lightness for a distinctive bathroom

The Evolution concept is not one to be overlooked. Its curved and flowing lines create an atmosphere of well-being. The Evolution concept features an attractive contrast of robust shapes which gives the room a light feel.


Recommended components of the Evolution concept

Evolution Concept

Comfortable bathtub

Its interior space is based on an ellipse, the most prevalent form of nature, and conveys a sense of security and relaxation. The size of this large bathtub makes it a dominant feature of the bathroom, but unlike a completely freestanding bathtub, this one will easily conform to any space.

Evolution Concept

A comprehensive offer

Products with a distinctive design need appropriate counterparts. That is why the Evolution bathtub is complemented by a sophisticated ensemble concept of all products needed in a modern bathroom. They are practical and designed in accordance with the overall concept.

Evolution Concept

Creative design

The Evolution bathtub has not only already collected awards from satisfied customers, but also from professional circles. The Design Centre of the Czech Republic gave it the honour of Outstanding Product of the Year.