Water taps

10° Free black water taps

A clean style in black

The minimalist shape concept and a gentle 10° tilt towards the hand together represent an ideal combination. The result is universally usable taps with unique practical detail that further extend the possibilities of the 10° concept. The faucets with a matte black finish will elevate the style of your bathroom. The dark faucets immediately catch the eye along with other accessories in the same design.

Vodovodní baterie 10° Free black


Choose the right one for you. The taller one for larger and deeper washbasins and wherever you want to fill deep receptacles with water. And the shorter one for shallower washbasins without any special requirements for space between the tap and the bottom.

Vodovodní baterie 10° Free black

Constant water temperature

No more tedious attempts to get the perfect temperature; it happens in an instant, which saves water and energy! Set the output water temperature to a pleasant 37–38 °C and enjoy real comfort in the shower at a constant temperature with the aid of a thermostatic mixer.

Vodovodní baterie 10° Free black

Complex portfolio

Includes all types that can be used in the bathroom, such as standing washbasin taps, standing bidet taps, wall-mounted shower and bathtub taps, built-in bathtub and shower taps, including a configuration for the R-box universal installation system. That way you can always be sure that your bathroom design will be seamless.