Safety in the bathroom

The safety adhesive strips / squares are made using the 3M very durable technology to withstand demanding operation.
Their application is very simple and the two types combined with the discreet transparent design will suit any space.
They perfectly adhere to all bathroom surfaces, wherever it is necessary to increase slip resistance of tiles, bathtubs or shower trays.

Main benefits

  • Technology from the best quality suppliers in the market (marked with 3M) ensures that the adhesive tape is durable, strong, water and abrasion resistant and holds safely in place.
  • It is a simple and affordable way to improve your bathroom any time
  • Suitable for bonding to all materials, such as tiles, shower trays, baths
  • After worn out, the strips can simply be removed without any residue in place where you can apply new ones
  • Choose the shape of two types (square and tape) to your taste
  • They are delicately transparent so as not to spoil the look on any surface