10° Concept

It's the simplest things which tend to be the best. This is the principle on which the new 10° bathroom concept (10 degrees) is based. The asymmetric bath, basins and water taps give the impression as if they are coming to meet you, providing also practical benefits. All this with a simple turn or tilt of 10°.


Freedom R free standing bath

A free-standing bath in a simple pragmatic style with straight lines without unnecessary embellishment. Despite their delicate and subtle look, they naturally dominate the space without disguising the design of the other items.


The Blix shower enclosure for the Sabina deep seating bath

An ideal solution for bathing and showering children or the elderly, for soaking laundry or for enjoyable relaxing baths of legs. A favourite sliding shower in combination with a deep seating bath creates a safe and comfortable space if there is not enough place for a classic bathtub.


Folding seats not only for the bathroom

Use them where chairs are too big. When folded up they take up only 10 cm, they are robust, have high load capacity and can be mounted any time, even in finished spaces. In addition to the models for bathrooms (Ovo Chrome for shower enclosures from the same concept), we now offer new finishes for interior areas, specially developed for corridors, hallways, lifts or other rooms where comfortable and safe seating comes handy.


Anti-slip strips

In a simple and quick manner, they secure your steps in the bath or shower tray, or on the bathroom tiles. SafeStep stickers shaped as squares of 10 x 10 cm or strips 2.5 cm wide are strong, elastic, and perfectly adherent. Their transparent design blends in with any surface.


Classic mini-bath

The Classic mini-bath with a large inner space suitable for bathing and showering. All this over a length of only 120 cm. Complement the mini-bath with a bath screen to get a perfectly sealed and comfortably large shower enclosure.


Sliding shower column

You will use the shower column with a head shower and a hand shower every day for a nice relaxing shower and a quick wash. Its main advantages include the possibility of adjusting the height of the overhead shower at any time, even when mounted on the wall, and exceptionally good design of the slider bracket of the hand shower with the possibility of one-hand handling. It will never betray you during showering.


Evolution furniture

The Evolution, one of the most popular concepts, is now expanded with a closed and open column cabinet whose design complements the beauty of the whole concept while increasing its value.