Hydro-massage Systems

Water is the basic requirement for human life. In water was the beginning of human history. Surrounded by water, we develop and grow in the mother's body. And we return to water when we want to enjoy an intense feeling of relaxation and recuperation. Indulge in the most natural way possible - in a warm bath with hydromassage.

We complement our own acrylic hydromassage baths (in classical or PU Plus implementation) with high quality components exclusively from renowned companies operating and producing in the Czech Republic and other EU countries. Our high quality standards are evidenced by international certificates.

Our series of original massage baths is fitted with individual hydromassage system which respects their design and uniqueness.

RAVAK hydromassage baths and systems offer a wide array of functions, hydromassage options and extras.

We offer an extended five-year warranty for hydromassage baths which covers both the acrylic bath and the water-tightness of the hydromassage system.All the services are provided by our own service network.

The PU Plus reinforcement is a unique technology boasting unrivalled toughness and excellent heat and sound insulation properties. The water bath will cool down slower, allowing you to enjoy it for even longer. That is why these reinforced baths are ideal for the implementation of hydromassage systems.

Try the user-friendly configurator, which will aid you in choosing a bath just for you, as well as selecting the accessories and a suitable hydromassage system, as well as other extras.