Whole Bathroom Solution

BeHappy Concept

Playful kit for small bathrooms

This youthful concept by the Czech Nosal Design studio will save space in your bathroom and ensures unlimited bathing and showering.

Prerequisites for the BeHappy Concept


Recommended components of the BeHappy Concept

BeHappy Concept

Exactly fitting screen

The three panel bathtub screen exactly mirrors the ingenious bathtub shape to form a perfect seal in the shower corner.

BeHappy Concept

Imaginative washbasin placement

The wash basin location over the bathtub leg space will not reduce your bathing space, but will add a practical place for hand washing. Access to the bathtub as well as to the wash basin remains easy and comfortable.

BeHappy Concept

Untraditional bathtub

Its unique design saves bathroom space, yet does not restrict comfortable bathing at all. Thanks to the combination of an ergonomic front panel, the bathtub can be easily installed without the need of masonry and tiling.